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I Love Fluff Bumper Sticker 4X4 Color

Image of I Love Fluff Bumper Sticker 4X4 Color


I Love Fluff Bumper Sticker 4X4 Color

This eye-catchy sticker is the best-seller of this store! Custom designed by Sachie with a lot of creativity and love of course. We have 5X5 transparent I love fluff sticker available as well.

Our stickers are printed on high quality materials with some of the most advanced printing equipment available.

Water Resistant

Our stickers are designed to withstand all weather conditions – rain or shine.

Sun Resistant

We use only the highest quality ink to print our stickers. So go ahead and slap your stickers outdoors. The ink is UV resistant, which means it won’t fade or discolor for a few years - even in direct sunlight.


Want to remove your sticker? Don’t want residue? No problem at all! Our stickers are made using a specially-treated adhesive so they peel off easily and leave no mark behind.